Hi! I’m Kaitlyn (or Kait, Kaitlyn Sexton, @kaitsexton, @ucakait, ksex).

If you’re a retired athlete, a thriving young adult, or a tattooed New Yorker wearing black, we share something in common.

I am thankful to live a life filled with love and adventure, thanks to connections I’ve made through cheerleading. Hofstra University made me a college graduate and a 3x National/2x Partner Stunt Champion. The United States National Team made me a 3x World Champion and brought me to my boyfriend. UCA made me a teacher to thousands of athletes for 7 years and achieve a career with the world’s leading cheerleading company.

I started kaitsexton.com when I moved to Colorado. I’ve decided to call it an adventure blog, but it’s also a place for me to share my original designs on apparel. I write/design for fun, collect my favorite memories while traveling, and try to provide valuable advice for my friends. I hope you enjoy exploring my website as much as I have had creating it.