I’m Kaitlyn (or Kait, Kaitlyn Sexton, @kaitsexton, @ucakait, ksex). If you’re a retired athlete, a thriving (struggling) young adult, or a tattooed New Yorker standing at 5’1″, we have enough in common.

My life is filled with cool adventures thanks to connections I’ve made through cheerleading. At Hofstra University I became a 3x National/2x Partner Stunt Champion while earning my PR degree. I competed and won 3 World Championships for the United States National All Girl Team (& met my boyfriend on USA Coed). I’ve taught thousands of athletes for 7 years with UCA, and now I am a full time choreographer & digital marketer for V!ROC.

I started kaitsexton.com when I moved to work remotely in Colorado. I don’t blog for profit– I carefully write REAL thoughts and strive to give genuine advice. kaitsexton.com is an adventure blog and also a website to host my hand-drawn designs on apparel (#KaitMerch). I hope you enjoy your time here and trust that this little website is different than any other you’ve visited before.