To keep things a little more organized, I’ve separated by blogs into categories:
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My Iced Coffee Orders
A Grammar Guide Nobody Will Judge You for Checking
Spring Cleaning Your Home & Your Mind
Curing the Common Cold
Setting Attainable New Year’s Resolutions in 2019
When You Need a Social Media Break
Finding My (Blogger) Identity
Paying Off Horrible Student Loans Without Being Miserable
What My Best Friend Taught Me
Why the Chicken (Me) Crossed the Road (Country)
One of Those Inspiring Days
How to Always Have a Creative Costume
Everything You Need for a Successful Camping Trip
Scrapbooking Tips
Kindness is Key
Tattoos by Samazon
DunkINSPIRATION (Step by step painting)
On Driving in the Snow


Quick & Easy Hiking Spots to Visit in Colorado
Little Gems in Denver, Perfect for City Dates and Gatherings
Mindfully Pack Your Travel Bags
Taking Flight: The Do’s & Don’ts of Travel
A Quick Trip to Phoenix, Arizona
Colorado Workout: Conquering the Manitou Incline
Truthfully Comparing Airlines
Being a Travel Bug in Weird Places
Houseboat Vacation: 10/10 Highly Recommend
Your Colorado Tour Guide, KSEX
Mexico Travels: Tulum, Quintana Roo
Touring the Home of the Dallas Cowboys
What New Yorkers Do When They Visit Home

Cheerleading/Varsity Spirit (Work):

The Colorado Storm vs. My Travel Plans
2019 NHSCC with V!ROC: A Recap & What’s in Store for the Future
How to Feel When You’re Done Cheering
Spread More Spirit Today
Squirrels vs. Coed
Last Week Might Have Changed My Life
Best Job Ever
Working with the Olympic Channel
Go USA!!!
What Were We Doing in California? Part 1 | Part 2
UCA College Nationals


I’ve Committed to Dip Manicures
I’m Not a Fashion Blogger
Gel vs. Dip: Update
3 Years Since I Dyed
Gel vs. Dip: An Ongoing Dilemma


Our Story
A Snuggly & Epic Mountain Date
Dealing with Long Distance


Lower Calorie Cinnamon Rolls
Working Out as a Retired Athlete
Top Choices for Late Night Snacks
Baby Steps into Healthier Eating
My First Time Snowboarding
Can I Get Paid to Hike Every Day, Please?


We’ve Moved Again

Seasonal/Life Events:

My Five Year Planner
26 KSEX Facts!
Holiday Crewneck Giveaway
New Holiday Shirts
Not a Normal Holiday Gift Guide
What To Do on Veterans Day
Halloween Costume Ideas
New T-Shirts, Thanks to Supportive Friends
Why October is My Favorite Month
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Terron!
Dead Inside PopSockets
Never Forget
Earth Day
Sunday Thoughts
The Birthday Girl Needs Our Help!!
A Reflection of 25 Years
2017 RECAP: A Poem by Kaitlyn Sexton
Christmas Holyday
Christmas Crafts: DIY Ornaments
So, I Moved to Colorado